Thursday, October 27, 2011

Helicopter Scale Turbine Engines

Jetcat Scale Helicopter Turbines Jetcat PHT-3 Turbine

If you are building the ultimate scale model, you will want the ultimate scale power source. That will be a turbine engine, based upon the full size equivalents running from kerosene, and spinning at up to 100,000 rpm, enough to power even the largest RC helicopters. They are not for the beginner however, these are very complex and dangerous units if mishandled, and not to mention highly expensive. They are however essential if you desire the perfect scale model. There is nothing quite like the sound of a jet turbine starting.

Jetcat PHT-2 Turbine

One of the main turbine engine producers for helicopters is Jetcat, and in particular the very popular Jetcat PHT-3 model, which incorporates the mechanics for the main and tail gear into the unit. The specifications are as follows:

Jetcat PHT-3 Turbine Starting Equipment Gear stage: Rotor RPM: 1,260Tail rotor RPM: 5,880Torque: 28 NmPower output: 3kW/4HP (electronically limited)Weight: Turbine and gear 2.7 KgPeripherals: 550g (ECU/pump/valves/battery)Features: Centrifugal clutch, Jet-tronic ECU for autos tart, integrated RPM regulator Idle RPM: 33,000Max RPM: 85,000Fuel consumption: 60-160 ml/minResidual thrust: 1,5-10NEGT: 340-550CFuel: Kerosene, JetA1Lubrication: 5% oil mixed with fuel Fully automatic turbine start up by a command from the R/C transmitter without external connections. No compressed air. No starting equipment.Turbine starts without compressed air or fans. Automatic cooling down when the turbine is shut down.Precision ceramic ball bearings for low maintenance.High performance turbine wheel which is fully tested.Integrated glow driver with a separate function to check the glow plug.Turbine supervision and regulation assisted by measurement of RPM and exhaust gas temperature.Multi-stage electronic system to ensure reliable operation.Connection to the R/C system via 1 receiver channel. A second switched channel is required to operate air speed sensor or smoke system.Rapid throttle response time.Programmable minimum and maximum RPM within the allowable range.The fully automatic start up and running procedure minimizes operator handling faults that could result in damaging the turbine.Plain text display of the current running parameters including: exhaust gas temperature, RPM, fuel consumption, remaining fuel, last run time, total run time, battery voltage, turbine condition, reason for last shut down etc. Options: Active rotor brakingRS232 Computer interfaceAir speed sensorJetcat turbines

We are pleased to announce that we will also be shortly offering a build service for these engines, in conjunction with the scale build service for Vario fuselages. So if you are keen to get in the air, but not so keen on the many hundreds of hours some models can take to create, then we will be your best option. It means you can take the guess work out of the equation when dealing with £3,000+ jet turbine engines.

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